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Voices of current graduate students (Mr. Figer) 2008年8月 1日 14:08 tsukuba  | 個別ページ

Reggy2.jpgQ: How do you like being in the program so far?
Mr. Figer: I like it a lot.  I made the right decision in choosing this program as I feel like I am part of a family.  I get to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and this experience is widening my horizon, as it gives me a better perspective of the international arena of vis-a-vis Japan.

Q: What is the lab (kennkyu-shitsu) like?
Mr. Figer:  We study, do research, and also have discussions on current events amongst ourselves.  I can also say that our lab is clean and tidy and has an Internet connection, printer and copying machine inside, and we have our own bookshelves.  The lab mates are close to each other, although we are all from different nations.  We go out for lunch or dinner and have get-togethers every two months or so.

Q: What do you like most about the program?
Mr. Figer:  The program is interdisciplinary with different fields like sociology, political science, anthropology and media coming together to form this unique program.  Through this program, we are able to get a panorama of global and Japanese studies.  I also think that the courses are designed to explore, enhance and enrich our research interests and agenda.  We also have faculty members who are top-ranked.  I would also like to think that this program is supported by different research centers, so we also get a practical perspective of our research fields.

Q: Is there anything you don’t like about the program so far?
Mr. Figer:  Because this is a Japanese university, a lot of the official notices are usually in Japanese only, so I need someone to translate the important information to me into English.

Q: Any recommendations for future applicants to the program?
Mr. Figer:  I advise them to have a clear idea of what kind of research they would like to do.  They need to think and rethink their field of research, because it will define who they will become in the future.



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