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[お知らせ] 教員公募 Faculty Position Vacancy
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  • JREC-IN Portal ウェブ応募で受付けます。サイトを経由して、応募書類をPDF 書類として送付してください。PDF化できないもののみ郵送してください。なお、不備のある書類は審査の対象とならないことがありますので、作成時には十分にご注意ください。
  • 郵送に際しては、封筒の表に「共通科目「国語」教員応募書類在中」と朱書きし、書留等にして下さい。


  • 〒305-8577 茨城県つくば市天王台1-1-1 筑波大学 グローバルコミュニケーション教育センター長 宛


  • 人文社会系 教授 小野正樹 ono.masaki.ga#@#u.tsukuba.ac.jp(#を削除してください)


Master’s and Doctoral Programs in International and Advanced Japanese Studies, Graduate School of Business Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Center for Education of Global Communication (CEGLOC), and the College of Humanities & Culture at the University of Tsukuba are inviting applicants for two faculty positions (tenure track only for assistant professors) in the following academic field.

We would like to ask you to inform all the people and organizations concerned about this matter. Please refer to the JREC-IN website. Thank you.

A:  Assistant Professor for “Japanese Language” and International students

B:  Associate Professor or Assistant Professor for “Japanese Language” and International Students, with Branch School in Malaysia

Deadline for Applications: November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) (JST, Japan time)

[Note for Application]

  • Write in red “Position of Human Security, Multicultural Coexistence Policy” on the package, and send it by registered post.
  • The title of the e-mail should be “Position of Human Security, Multicultural Coexistence Policy.”
  • Submitted materials will not be returned unless a self-addressed self-stamped envelope is enclosed
    with your application materials.

[Address to submit your application documents if required]

  • 1-1-1 Ten’nodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8577, Japan
  • to: Chair, Center for Education of Global Communication (CEGLOC), University of Tsukuba

[Contact for Further Information]

Professor ONO Masaki, Ph.D., Chair of CEGLOC, University of Tsukuba.

E-mail: ono.masaki.ga#@#u.tsukuba.ac.jp (delete the hash tags)

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