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【お知らせ】紀要『国際日本研究』16号原稿募集/Call for Papers, JIAJS Vol.16
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このGoogle Formに、執筆者の情報を記入し、原稿を提出ください。原稿は必ず次の2つのバージョンを提出ください。







jiajs “at” japan.tsukuba.ac.jp

※ “at”を@にご変更ください。



The Journal of International and Advanced Japanese Studies is currently seeking manuscripts for Volume 16 to be published in March 2024. We are an online journal and will be accepting research papers (up to 10,000 words) and research notes (up to 6,000 words). We also invite submissions of essays on teaching innovations and practices, review essays, and book reviews. Submissions may be written in either English or Japanese.

Please refer to the Submission Guidelines for other details.

To be eligible to submit a manuscript to the Journal, authors must have completed a recognized course in research ethics.

Using this Google Form, please submit your author information and two versions of your manuscript as Word files. The files should be prepared as follows: One full version of your manuscript with all identifying information (author name, etc.) and one anonymized version (no identifying information).

*Those who do not have a Google account will need to create one, even if only a temporary one for the purposes of manuscript submission.

Submission Deadline:

★11:55 p.m. Thursday, July 6, 2023 (Japan Standard Time; deadline strictly enforced)★

[Important note about the manuscript template]

At the submission stage, authors should avoid unnecessary formatting to facilitate the review process, because after acceptance, our internal committees will format the manuscripts for publication according to the JIAJS conventions.

All queries should be addressed to the Editorial Committee at: jiajs “at” japan.tsukuba.ac.jp

*Change “at” to @ when you send your email.

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