Journal of International and Advanced Japanese Studies Volume 8 ONLINE Edition / March 2016 (ISSN-2189-2598)

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The Influence of Japan on the Formation and Growth of the Samsung Group from 1938 to 1986

著者名:Hyemi LEE

Balancing among Superpowers: Japan-Yugoslavia Relations during the Cold War

著者名:Jelena GLISIC

Undercurrents in the Silk Road: An Analysis of Sino-Japanese Strategic Competition in Central Asia

著者名:Tony Tai-Ting LIU

The Hollowing Influence of Robot Popularization on Humanity

著者名:Yuuta UMEDA

A Study of the Specification of the First Person in Japanese Giving-and-Receiving Expressions

著者名:Hyunju JU

Achievements and Difficulties of JICA’s Overseas Volunteer Activities in the Kyrgyz Republic


Academic and Social Challenges of Japanese Students during Cultural Adjustment to the Rural U.S.

著者名:Anya HOMMADOVA & Takanori MITA

The Function of the Conjunctive Particle Kara at the End of Sentences

著者名:Siqi SUN

Teaching about Sex, Sexuality, and Gender While Minimizing Stereotypes: Collaborating with the Gender and LGBTQIA Center in the Classroom

著者名:Pamela L. RUNESTAD

On the Acquisition of Movement Verbs by Intermediate Level Japanese Language Learners: A Survey of iku/kuru Usage

著者名:Myeongja HEO & Kyohei OGAWA

Journal of International and Advanced Japanese Studies Volume 8 February 2016 (PRINT) (ISSN 2186-0564)

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■ Errata

A Comparative Study on the Stance-taking of Japanese and American Women in Narratives about Childrearing (pp. 1-16)

著者名:Risako IDE

Robotic Systems in Healthcare with Particular Reference to Innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution – An Ethical Challenge for Management – (pp. 17-33)

著者名:Martin POHL

Beyond 2015: Nihilism and Existentialist Rhetoric in Neon Genesis Evangelion (pp. 35-43)

著者名:Gabriel F. Y. TSANG

Continuity and Transformation in History Education in Europe: The Case of Britain (pp. 45-54)

著者名:Masako SHIBATA

A Japanese Local Community in the Aftermath of the Nuclear Accident: Exploring Mothers: Perspectives and Mechanisms for Dealing with Low-dose Radiation Exposure (pp. 55-76)

著者名:Natalia NOVIKOVA

Local Development of Japan’s Electric Lamp Manufacturer for Export after the Second World War: An Interview with Hiroshi OSHINO, Oshino Lamps Limited (pp. 77-92)

著者名:Teruo HIRASAWA

Japanese Original Key Words in the Humanities and Social Sciences

著者名:Hirofumi TSUSHIRO

Identifying the “Fukushima Effect”: Assessing Japanese Mass Media Coverage of International Nuclear Power Decisions (pp. 109-124)


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