Journal of International and Advanced Japanese Studies Volume 9 ONLINE Edition / March 2017 (ISSN-2189-2598)

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Hate Speech between Japan and Korea in the “2 Channel” and “ILBE” Internet Bulletin Boards

著者名:Sunyoung KIM

Phases of Cultural Adjustment of East Asian Students: Intercultural Communication and Integration into American Culture


Health Insurance Politics of Japan in the 1940s and the 1950s: The Japan
Medical Association and Policy Development

著者名:Takakazu YAMAGISHI

Bridging the Gap between Japanese and Foreign Communities through Communication and Critical Reflection


Educational Perceptions of Japanese Language Teachers in Kazakhstan: An Analysis of Life Story Interviews

著者名:Dariyagul SHORINA

Sociology of Waste in Christian Europe and Japan: Comparative Analysis of the Notion of Human Waste

著者名:Marta Elzbieta SZCZYGIEL

On the Perception and the Training Effect of Japanese Long Vowels in Korean Learners

著者名: Kana OTSUKA

Journal of International and Advanced Japanese Studies
Volume 9 February 2017 (PRINT) (ISSN 2186-0564)

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International Cultural Organizations and Sino-Japanese Relations in the Early Post-WWII Period: The Case of China’s Cultural and Educational Policy towards Japan within UNESCO, 1946-1952

著者名:Liang PAN

“What We Want is to be Happy rather than Marrying”: Exploring Japanese Single Women’s Perceptions on Marriage, Childlessness and Being Single

著者名:Xiao LEI

Challenges in SNS Usage by Japanese Local Governments: Evidence from the Tsukuba Civic Activities Cyber-Square

著者名:Sae OKURA & Muneo KAIGO

Indicating Problems in Another’s Composition during Peer Response: Examining the Sequential Structure of Correction Initiation

著者名:Yang JI

Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration and Overseas Business Development for Self-Reliance of a Small and Medium-Sized Firm in Hitachi City, Japan: A Case Study of Star Engineering Co., Ltd.

著者名:Teruo HIRASAWA

Categorizing Practice between L2 Users in Japanese Conversations: Focusing on Symmetrical Interaction in Third-Party Language Contact Situations

著者名:Yuko AKAHANE

The Contact Between Matsu and Waiting for Godot: Human Nature in Literary Works

著者名:Ali Volkan ERDEMIR

Japan Studies at a Distance: Conducting Primary Research in Third-Party Countries

著者名:Ryan HARTLEY

“Information” as a Target Domain of Conceptual Metaphors: A Corpus-Based Approach to Metaphors and a Proposal for a Metaphor Identification Procedure

著者名:Wenxin LI

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